Personal Injury

$16 million

awarded to a client due to the negligence of an apartment manager in the handling of a gun.

$10 million

lifetime structured settlement for infant who suffered brain damage due to an anesthesia error

$7.25 million

jury verdict for wrongful death of woman whose brain aneurysm was not diagnosed in a timely manner

$1.8 million

jury verdict for injuries suffered by client in trucking accident

$1 million

settlement for 78 year old woman in wrongful death action against school bus company


jury verdict for loss of lower leg due to excessive force by police officers


settlement for client whose hair was caught in an unguarded machine at work


jury verdict for hip and femur fractures suffered by operator of motorcycle


settlement for injuries sustained by worker who fell down an elevator shaft on work site


policy limit settlement for multiple injuries of a painter who was knocked from ladder by homeowner backing vehicle down driveway.


settlement for customer’s fall to floor when defective bar stool collapsed

7-figure settlement

for a patient who suffered spinal damage during a minimally invasive spinal surgery

6-figure settlement

for a patient whose comminuted shoulder fracture was not treated properly resulting in the need of a reverse shoulder prosthetic

7-figure settlement

for a minor who suffered paraplegia when struck by a stray  bullet during a criminal act at a convenience store

Confidential Settlement

wrongful death malpractice settlement for patient who committed suicide as a result of pain from surgical error.

Confidential settlement

for failure to diagnose anal cyst by colorectal surgeon

Confidential settlement

for severing cystic duct during laparoscopic gallbladder procedure

6-figure settlement

for female patient with diabetes whose foot lesions were not treated in a timely fashion resulting in partial amputation.

6-figure settlement

for death of a 78 year old patient who was given a sedative overdose.

Confidential policy limits settlement

for midget wrestler who suffered a fracture of the leg when his motor scooter rear-ended a vehicle stopped in a moving lane of traffic.