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Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

Insurance companies are known for giving people the runaround, especially after an injury. It’s no wonder you feel like you don’t have any real answers — and it’s not your fault. At Fatall Firm, we know just how devastating injuries caused by car accidents and medical malpractice can be. We are dedicated to uncovering the truth in your situation and leading you straight to financial victory.

Mike Fatall

Founding Attorney

When it comes to Mike Fatall, one thing’s for certain: he’s a winner with your best interest at heart. Mr. Fatall is known for generating the best possible settlements for his clients. While money certainly can’t untie the knots of frustration that come with wrongful injury, he believes in fighting for what’s fair and helping you get the financial compensation you deserve. With a winning record and a passion for what’s right, the safety and security you’re looking for in an attorney can be found right here at our firm.

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Put our expertise to work on your side of the court.

A Winning Record

$16 million

awarded to a client due to the negligence of an apartment manager in the handling of a gun.

$10 million

lifetime structured settlement for infant who suffered brain damage due to an anesthesia error

7-figure settlement

for a patient who suffered spinal damage during a minimally invasive spinal surgery

Focus on recovery.
We’ll handle the rest.

Physical injuries seem to have a domino effect on every other area of life. This situation is already stressful and worrying can actually make things worse. Stress can cause headaches, insomnia, chest pain, and other issues. Your body doesn’t need that right now.

No one is asking you to face this battle on your own. We want to see you well on a holistic level. Our job is to help you through one of the most difficult seasons you’ve experienced so you can get back to enjoying the things and people you love. Leave the tough work to us and focus on getting better.

We fight for your best result.

Think winning is a longshot? It’s not. Even though it may feel like the odds are stacked against you, our firm is no stranger to victory.

We have a reputation for collecting wins for our clients. It’s one thing to be an experienced attorney. It’s another thing to be an experienced attorney who consistently wins — and our numbers don’t lie. Collectively, we’ve helped people just like you win 8-figure settlements. (Yes, as in 10 million.) Trust us. We know how to get the job done.